How To Become A Firm For Me?

To be firm in Mangazy primarily from the need to fill out the membership form part of the members. After becoming a member in the upper portion on the homepage "Contact Us" page in the tıklayın.sayfa "Contact Us" can fill your request to open stores information in the form of a message to us or you can contact us via our phone number. Your information is transmitted by our team your information and details about your store opening process after receiving your confirmation as soon as possible and to communicate with you again after examination of the store opening process will be completed.

Warranty and Refund

To warranty and return conditions are different from each other commercial understanding of each company in Mangazy site so you deal warranty and return conditions with the company in every trade you make in mangazy gerekmektedir.garant and refund the buyer and are subject to agreement between the companies. Mangazy only buyers and the company is obliged to meet the same platform.

Terms of Use

For more information about the terms of use here you can review the user agreement.

İs Mangazy Safe?

Mangazy has no special software of its own. In this online shopping platform (basket, credit cards, wallet, etc.) can not be seen because it is not material damage. in order to avoid malicious attacks on security as Mangazy system provides backup every day.

What Does It Mean Approved By Mangazy?

From companies located in "Mangazy approved" by our team of well-known firms that trade relations are firm and achievements have been confirmed. Mangazy has tested and confirmed the safety of these companies. Mangazy approved owned label is not an option fee. This does not mean that there is insufficient Mangazy company without approval. The agreements for each trade you make with Mangazy mangazy approved or not approved by the company you behave carefully.

Payment Method

Buyers and company form of payment and payment terms are determined by agreement made among themselves

How Could I Promote My Products?

Mangazy can promote your products in line with demand, advertising space in the home it is understood that you want your products to be introduced to the place, you can contact us.

How To Increase My Sales?

The high visual quality of the products that you install on your store and the real value of your products is an important way to increase your sales price. and quickly established a positive dialogue with customers you'll get in touch Mangazy will impact your sales.

Shipping Method

Normal or fast process of shipping goods to trade you make with any company aircraft, ship or buyers prefer to move with the freight transportation shape options and provide firms with agreements among themselves.

How The Customer Will Find Me?

Mangazy in the customers site "Company" section you can see your product by typing the name of your company with buyers in control of your brand and your products of your own company brand can sergiyele advertising space in order to increase the popularity or you can increase your brand awareness.

How Does Mangazy Work?

Wholesale manufacturers in Mangazy begins to exhibit their products at the store opening. Mangazy stores and products in accordance with your request in your publications in social media and search engines on your behalf. Video out Mangazy with customers interested in your products can meet or live messaging can provide instant communication. Commercial agreements will make an agreement with your customer can select among yourselves.

Why Should I Open Firm?

Mangazy, which paves the way for domestic and foreign wholesale trade, is a system established to stimulate targeted to eliminate the challenges and trade. Operation of the system is the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of wholesale stores and Web sites to find new customers on board to maintain communications with existing customers. Mangazy as a product who's the fastest way to open stores all over the world you present to the world 365 day. Do you communicate with your customers through video calls and messaging 7/24

Product Privacy

Our member firms do not want to hide their sales to Turkey can appreciate the products they want from Turkey. Customers wishing to sell both domestic as well as overseas can offer products to the world. Please contact us for detailed information about the products confidentiality.

What Is Mangazy Support?

Mangazy that paved the way for the wholesale trade, is a system that supports the goals and challenges of eliminating trade. Buyers and easily via Mangazy company can provide all communications. Also Mangazy your store, you can if you want your ads to your brand and products. You can contact us for more information.

How Can I Give Advertisement?

Mangazy to increase the speed of the wholesale business, the wholesale firms on a single platform aims to expand its customer portfolio. Mangazy does not demand for any purchases made through share or commission.

Does Mangazy Receive Share From Sales?

Be the first member to be firm in Mangazy need to fill in the registration form from the part of us. Once you register contact us through the contact form, you must make a request to open company. Your information for your company by our team after giving information about your company using your panel after examination activated.